Knappogue Castle

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    Quin, Co. Clare
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    20 mins by Car
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    History, Family
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600 Years of Irish History

Knappogue Castle and Walled Garden are tucked away amid the rolling hills of Quin, just 20 minutes from the 4* Shannon Springs Hotel.

Knappogue Castle was built in 1467 by Sean MacNamara and is a magnificent example of a medieval tower house. It has a long and varied history – from a battlefield to a dwelling place. In 1571 the castle became the seat of the MacNamara Clan – Earls of West Clancullen.

Donagh MacNamara was a leader of the 1641 rebellion and then Knappogue remained in MacNamara’s hands until 1659 when it was confiscated by Cromwell’s parliament and granted to a ‘roundhead’, Arthur Smith. However, after the monarchy was restored in 1670, Knappogue was returned to its MacNamara owners. The MacNamara Clan sold the castle to the Scotts in 1800 and they carried out major restoration and extension work. In 1855, it was acquired by Lord Dunboyne who continued the restoration work.

In the 1920s Knappogue passed into the hands of a local farmer and fell into disrepair. Luckily, it was purchased in 1966 by the Hon. Mark Edwin Andrews of Houston Texas. He and his wife (a prominent American architect), in collaboration with Shannon Development, carried out an extensive and sensitive restoration returning the castle to its former 15th-century glory while encompassing and retaining later additions which are a testament to the continuous occupation of the castle.

The Andrews were the last occupants of the Castle. Shannon Development purchased the Castle in 1996 intending to preserve this important building for future generations.

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Not open to the public. Evening Banquets and Weddings are held here.

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Telephone: (061) 368103

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